May 13, 2010

The Bloom Bandit
AKA Princess Tiffany.  Oh, I know it's her.  A Mother just knows.  

This Pink Wave Petunia was in full bloom, please notice the only blooms left are the ones she couldn't reach.

The SO says to move the plant.  WHAT?!  NO!  I can't.  I've had a Pink Wave Petunia in that pot in that location for as long as I can remember.  She will just have to learn to leave it alone.  How I'm going to accomplish that I don't know.  Yet.

A Gaggle of Poms

This is Tucker, Tiffany and Coda (the white Pom).  I baby sit Coda and his brother Buster (yellow lab) when their parents go out of town.  I LOVE having them and after a little bit of fighting between Tiffany and Coda, we all had alot of fun when I had them last month.  This was the first time I sat them since getting Tucker and Tiffany.  They were very well acquainted with Spencer, my previous Pom.

Tucker and Tiffany

These are my two babies.  Tucker is almost 3 and Princess Tiffany just turned two.  Our world pretty much revolves around theirs.