Thursday, April 22, 2010

Obsession Part 2

My cupcake obsession is in full swing. I have proclaimed Monday at the office as Cupcake Monday. Hey, we have donut Friday, so why not cupcake Monday? Works for me and I get to unload my goods.

So, if you are going to be obsessed with cupcakes and bake all day Saturday and most of Sunday and get nothing else done, you want your cupcakes to LOOK good. Right.

Hence the cupcake liner! I can't stop looking at them or ordering them. I have some hits and misses.

Most recently I ordered quite a few that weren't even standard size. Not even standard mini size. I don't even own a pan they will fit. I think they might be Fairy Cake size? It would cost more to ship them back than I paid for them, so I'll figure out something to do with them.

Then another lesson learned...not all foil liners are created equal. Reynold's Brand foil liners are foil through and through. Other brands are foil covered paper and some recipes will stick. Maybe like the Tres Leches Cupcake recipe posted over on Food.

Don't ask me how I know.

A real hit, I just got today. From A Baker's Place

I can't wait to bake something in them this weekend.

Here are some other hits and misses.

Don't worry I've got more on the way.

Next I'll have to invest in a case of spaghetti holders.

Cute storage idea, huh??

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