Saturday, April 3, 2010

My Easter Table

On the way home from work yesterday I decided to stop by Ross. I hate to shop, I detest shopping, but every now and then I get the urge to puruse my local Ross. I was actually wanting to look at their cupcake pans and see if they had one I wan, er I mean needed. Or any measuring devices I might need. That's another area where I may need an intervention. I love to buy measuring spoons and cup and the like. I'll have to post about that another day.

Anyway while I was browsing the table cloths I came across a lovely green job. Then it dawned on me that I hadn't even thought about how I was going to set the table for Easter lunch with my in laws. I sort of had a loose center piece idea, but that was it.

They actually had place mats to match the table cloth and I loved it. Got home, set it all up and started on the center piece. Put it together and wasn't real happy with it. It need some height so I decided I would hit party city this morning on my way to run other errands.

Party city had nothing. Oh they had some cute stuff and I rarely leave there empty handed but nothing really grabbed me.

On to Walmart for a few last minute groceries. While searching for just the right candle...I need it to be tallish and thinish...not like a taper and not like a pillar...I ran across the cutest little gardening pot shaped votive holder, but all they had was funky colors. No clear.

Then it hit me. Mini terracotta pots! This would call for a trip to Hobby Lobby. Lord help me. I despise this store...but I scored!
Here is what I ended up with.

And here is more of the table.

I was pretty happy with it. Food was good. Everything was on time. Still can't win in the pie crust department and I must have failed meringue 101, but it all tasted good.

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